Pharmaceutical Assistant Training

Playful advisory and sales training

More and more companies are relying on innovative methods for their sales and client advisory training. Crossmotion developed a pilot project for the simulation of sales conversations in a pharmacy setting using branching scenarios.

Giving competent advice is challenging and a big responsibility – not only in the health care industry. More often than not, it is the small details that lead to a successful sale. In addition to professional expertise, social skills are a key determining factor for a successful advisory and sales conversation. Crossmotion can show you how to effectively train your sales staff with a simulated sales conversation – in this case between a pharmaceutical assistant and a client.

The static version (see above) has been enriched with a voiceover of the client. This version is realized from a subjective viewpoint, meaning that the learner acts as the pharmaceutical assistant. The scenario was implemented using the new BranchTrack player. The scrollable window is optimized for mobile devices and allows the learner to retrace their individual decision path.

In the animated version the learners see both the client and the pharmaceutical assistant Eliane Meier, who needs to be supported during the sales conversation.

The product is available on a license basis. Contact us for more information and a non-binding presentation.

Project information

Client: Pharmacies
Category: eLearning with Branching Scenarios
Application: Office and field duty, key account management, customer care, intercultural training
Channel: tbd
Tool: BranchTrack
Year: 2017
Contact person: Sacha von Schulthess