Practical Medical Training (Demo)

Intuitive, time saving and cost efficient

Every year the Clinical Trials Center (CTC) at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) trains around 1700 people involved in research projects at the USZ and other institutions. In their search for innovative methods to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, the responsible training specialists at the CTC came across branching scenarios (interactive simulations using photos and videos).

Together with Crossmotion the CTC developed a blended learning approach which uses branching scenarios to test the researchers’ knowledge. The scenarios are based on examples from day-to-day research work and focus on topics such as classification of research, patient information and the safety reporting procedure during research projects. In addition, the scenarios touch upon emergency situations. The branching scenarios are designed so that there are only one or two correct decision paths at the most. The CTC defined the content and developed the story board with the support of Crossmotion.

In March 2017 the media (vidoes and photos) were produced. The scenarios were built using the BranchTrack platform (, an extremely user-friendly authoring tool that enables users to build intuitive, quick and therefore cost-efficient branching scenarios.

According to the training specialists at the CTC the tool is an excellent method for interactively representing practical situations through simulations. Applying branching scenarios at USZ will allow researchers to test their acquired knowledge and subsequently apply it to research situations.

Project Information

Client: University Hospital Zurich
Category: eLearning with branching scenarios
Channel: Blended learning
Tool: BranchTrack & Classes
Year: 2017