Client Advisory (Demo)

Training difficult client conversations efficiently and effectively

A large financial services provider decided to use a Crossmotion eLearning concept to prepare their client advisors for classroom training. The concept involves the practical simulation of customer consultations using branching scenarios. The sequences are implemented using cartoon-style 2D-visualizations.

The two scenarios are aimed at supporting an inexperienced client advisor in dealing with a «difficult» client. The goal of the practical simulation is to interest the client in a new online advisory tool, to successfully set it up and finally to advise the client in how to use the tool.

At different points in the scenarios the client advisor is further given the opportunity to consult the advisory tool or to ask an expert for help («ask the expert»).

Project Information

Client: Financial services provider
Category: eLearning with branching scenarios
Channel: Blended learning
Tool: BranchTrack
Year: 2017