Simulations are realistic representations of actual situations and processes. Dangerous or cost-sensitive issues often benefit from being removed from reality and simulated in a safe environment. Abstract models lend themselves to focused practice and experimentation. The results are then transferred into the real world.


  • Immediate: Direct impact and instant feedback allow for the independent development of solution strategies
  • Explorative: Encourages independent experimentation and repetition
  • Trial and Error: Safe learning environment where making mistakes is allowed and even encouraged
  • Application

  • Operating complex machinery
  • Navigating challenging processes
  • Distribution

  • Desktop computer
  • Mobile devices
  • Crossmotion Services

  • Pre-project (consulting, concept, storyboard)
  • Production (moving image production – video, animation)
  • Post-production (media editing, integration, programming)
  • Distribution (preparation for the different channels/platforms)


  • Vpad Simulator, Zurich Airport