eLearning Film

eLearning Films are training solutions that are implemented entirely with film and are delivered via a Crossmotion-custom Html5 tool.


  • Multi-sensory (audiovisual): information is absorbed, processed and recorded in a more efficient manner
  • High level of entertainment: increased attention, motivation, acceptance and willingness to learn
  • Impact on the subconscious: elicits emotions and creates identification
  • Application

  • Basic training
  • Driver training
  • Product information/ instruction
  • Distribution

  • Desktop computer
  • Mobile devices
  • Crossmotion Services

  • Pre-project (Consulting, Concept, Storyboard)
  • Production (moving image production – video, animation)
  • Post-production (media editing, integration, programming)
  • Distribution (preparation for the different channels/platforms)
  • References

  • Sales app, Marcel Boschung AG
  • Driver training winter services, Zurich Airport
  • Basic training winter services, Zurich Airport
  • Driver training winter services, Geneva Airport