Branching Scenarios

Branching Scenarios are simulations for soft skills and are especially useful for training the social competence of employees. In realistic circumstances employees are confronted with a challenge, make decisions and experience the consequences of their decisions in real time.

An exciting dramaturgy, wrapped in attractive film sequences, captures employees’ imagination, piques their curiosity and encourages them to explore different decision paths – from best practice to worst case scenario. This enhances the experience and, consequentially, the learning effect of using the most emotionally engaging of all media – film.

The platform used by Crossmotion for the conception and production pf Branching Scenarios is called BranchTrack. It features static character and background integration as well as video functionality, which was developed based on Crossmotion’s requirements.


  • Immediate: Direct impact and instant feedback allow for the independent development of solution strategies
  • Explorative: Encourages independent experimentation and repetition.
  • Trial and Error: Safe learning environment where making mistakes is allowed and even encouraged
  • Application

  • Diversity Awareness Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Distribution

  • Desktop computer
  • Mobile devices
  • Crossmotion Services

  • Pre-project (consulting, concept, storyboard)
  • Production (moving image production – video, animation)
  • Post-production (media editing, integration, programming)
  • Distribution (preparation for the different channels/platforms)

    Workshop for Branching Scenarios

    Building an exciting, innovative and effective branching scenario isn’t rocket science. We regularly offer practical workshops where we show you how to cost-efficiently take your employees up a notch.

    In the first part of the 1 day workshop we will be showing you the many possibilities of branching scenarios – for example for sales and field duty staff training. We will demonstrate the advantages of building branching scenarios in the authoring tool BranchTrack. In the second part of the workshop you will be developing your own branching scenario in BranchTrack.

    Participants: max. 5 people
    Location: Walchestrasse 30, CH-8006 Zürich
    Costs: CHF 170 (incl. lunch)
    Apply here