Move Your Knowledge

Crossmotion moves your knowledge

Knowledge is exceptionally valuable. It is the capital for innovation and growth. Knowledge needs to be recognized, recorded and sustainably transferred so that new things can emerge.

As a full service agency Crossmotion develops interactive multimedia experiences for the online training of employees, partners and clients. For its training solutions Crossmotion consistently relies on moving images. Through the use of films and animations the contents capture attention and arouse emotions – knowledge transfer becomes entertainment. This creates guaranteed added value for businesses, employees and partners.


Crossmotion keeps your knowledge in focus

Crossmotion supports you in the area of training and development with digital multimedia. Innovative technologies and relevant partnerships guarantee measurable results for the client.

For Crossmotion innovative and modern design are a must-have, while always taking into consideration the clients‘ guidelines. Crossmotion‘s extensive experience with playful and entertaining training solutions helps drivers operate complex systems, sales representatives hold meaningful conversations with potential clients, new employees with their on-boarding process and managers lead their employees.